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Sluggers Roofing - Residential Roofing

Sluggers Roofing - Residential Roofing

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''How can I tell if I need a new roof?'' This is probably the #1 most asked question we hear. Is your roof over 15 years old? Then it may be time to think about a roof replacement. Unsure on if your roof needs to be replaced or if it could last a few more years? We can help! We are KRCA certified roofing contractors and HAAG certified residential roof inspectors. We also do roof repairs, so if we think you could wait to replace your roof completely, we will be honest and upfront with you and tell you that- and let you know the cost of a roof repair.
Worried you may have storm damage? We will let you know if we see any and can help you file a claim with your insurance company by providing our report, pictures of the damage, and even meeting with your insurance adjuster if you want us to. With a former licensed insurance claims adjuster on staff we have the experience to properly advocate for you to make sure any storm damage to your roof, siding, or gutters is properly documented and taken care of.
Is your roof leaking and you have new stains on your ceilings? We give priority to those who call in with active leaks and will make sure we have a roof inspector out to you immediately.
Signs you may need a new roof:
You're noticing shingles that are cracked, curled, or cupped.
Signs of bald spots where your granules are missing or granulation in your downspouts.
Blown off shingles lying around your yard
Your neighbors in your area are getting new roofs. Homes built in the same area, during the same time, will naturally experience the same weather conditions

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